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R299 ($19.99)

Principles of A3 Problem Solving

Principles of A3 Problem Solving gives learners and in depth understanding of how A3 Thinking can be applied to problem solving.

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Free COVID-19 Awareness & Safety Training

This free COVID-19 Awareness & Safety Training equips you with relevant information on the Coronavirus and simple steps you can take to protect yourselves and others.

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R199 ($13.99)

Mini Course: Problem Statements & Problem Analysis

Problem Statements and Problem Analysis deals with one of the most important elements of problem solving – defining the problem to be solved. In this course learn how to analyse a problem and formulate a good problem statement.

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Free Mini Course: The Language of Problem Solving

A basic course on key problem solving terminology including terms such as problem statements, problem causes, root cause analysis and solutions.

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R299 ($19.99)
Cover Image for Introduction to Problem Solving & the 5-WHYs Course

Introduction to Problem Solving and the 5-WHYs

An entry-level course that introduces basic concepts in problem solving and explores the 5-WHY technique in detail.

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An Introduction to A3 Problem Solving

This course covers the entire problem solving process, from detection through to decisions on further steps once implemented solutions have been evaluated.

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A4 Problem Solving for the Front Line

A4 Problem Solving is the perfect approach for frontline problem solvers to use. The technique captures the problem solving effort on a A4 sheet of paper and follows a defined process.

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A3 Problem Solving in Manufacturing, Utilities, Operations & Engineering

Learn the basics of manufacturing performance and how to apply every aspect of the A3 technique to performance improvement in manufacturing, engineering, and operations.

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Root Cause Analysis Techniques

This course examines what root causes are and then investigates a range of root cause analysis tools and techniques.

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Live Virtual Training Courses

A3 Problem Solving in Manufacturing, Utilities, Operations and Engineering

This 2 – day course introduces delegates to the key principles of problem solving and the A3 methodology. You will learn how to execute each step in the problem solving process and how these steps work together.

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