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Why Problem Solving?

Problem solvers are leaders. They rapidly detect problems, get to their root causes, design and implement solutions and boost the performance of whichever organisation they work for, or are associated with.  

You could be a student trying to solve a technical problem. An engineer trying to optimise a process or improve the design of a machine. A retailer trying to reduce stock-outs and to enhance customer service. A safety officer trying to identify and manage risks to health and safety. A nurse trying to minimise patient waiting times. A business owner trying to drive more sales. A public servant looking to improve levels of service delivery to your constituency. A laboratory technician trying to deliver accurate results to your customers faster. An environmentalist seeking to reduce pollution and the consumption of natural resources. A factory manager trying to increase plant throughput. No matter your job and the specific results you’re trying to achieve, the bottom line is you need to be a strong problem solver if you want to attain the superior performance you are after.

This site is dedicated to bringing problem solving skills to people from all walks of life and in every industry through accessible solutions that are customised to different needs, skill levels and work environments. Our vision at Learn2SolveProblems.com is to become the “go-to” site for online problem solving training and tools. We provide high-quality foundation knowledge that anyone can use while also catering for specialists in every industry. Our experts unpack complex concepts and present them in practical, straightforward ways. Our solutions are accessible 24/7/365 on desktop and mobile devices. 

What makes us different?  Our learning solutions are grounded in practical experience gained through training and coaching in problem solving in a range of industries over close to two decades. We augment best practices in problem solving with unique, proven methodologies, some of which are unique to this site. And we draw on the knowledge of industry experts to produce examples based on real-world problems that help learners to quickly grasp how to apply the various methodologies we teach. 

We believe that solving problems makes an impact on our world, an impact for the better, and we want to enrich the skills and experiences of our learners to enable them to make an impact in their own work environments and areas of interest. We want to disseminate problem solving skills to as many learners as we can, so that we can magnify the benefits of this vital skill. Our goal is that you enjoy and benefit from the knowledge we share with you, and use Learn2SolveProblems.com as your go-to resource for all things problem solving!

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