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Principles of A3 Problem Solving

Principles of A3 Problem Solving gives learners and in depth understanding of how A3 Thinking can be applied to problem solving.


Free COVID-19 Awareness & Safety Training

This free COVID-19 Awareness & Safety Training equips you with relevant information on the Coronavirus and simple steps you can take to protect yourselves and others.


Mini Course: Problem Statements & Problem Analysis

Problem Statements and Problem Analysis deals with one of the most important elements of problem solving – defining the problem to be solved. In this course learn how to analyse a problem and formulate a good problem statement.


Free Mini Course: The Language of Problem Solving

A basic course on key problem solving terminology including terms such as problem statements, problem causes, root cause analysis and solutions.

Cover Image for Introduction to Problem Solving & the 5-WHYs Course

Introduction to Problem Solving and the 5-WHYs

An entry-level course that introduces basic concepts in problem solving and explores the 5-WHY technique in detail.

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