Mini Course: Problem Statements & Problem Analysis

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Problem Statements and Problem Analysis deals with one of the most important elements of problem solving – defining the problem to be solved. The process also leads to some useful information that supports most of the steps that follow.

In this course we teach you how to compile problem statements, and the use of our FOCUS-Q technique to aid in the development and evaluation of problem statements. We then move on to problem analysis, with a focus on tools such as the 4W-E technique and IS/IS-NOT Analysis. We show you how to use all of these tools together in an iterative process that leads to a very targeted problem solving effort.

The course also explores fundamental concepts such as PDCA and the 8-step problem solving process we use here at Learn how problem statements fit into all of the various steps.

This course is suitable for all levels of problem solver, from the beginner through to those with some experience of problem solving. It is an important fundamental building block that every problem solver should have in his/her toolbox.


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